Alh. Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya
Alh. Muhammad Inuwa YahayaThe Executive Governor of Gombe State.
 Mr. Manassah Daniel Jatau.
Mr. Manassah Daniel Jatau.The Deputy Governor of Gombe State.
Prof. Ibrahim Njodi
Prof. Ibrahim NjodiSSG
Pivotal Central Person linking all Units of Government, Responsible for Administrative Coordination. (Coordinating Activities in a Set Design in Finances and Coordination) Feeds Back to the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary. All Government Activities Centre on The SSG as May be Assisted by Various Permanent Secretaries in Charge of Ministerial and Extra-Ministerial Departments and Agencies.
Alh. Bappayo Yahaya
Alh. Bappayo YahayaHOCS
Head of Civil Service is the Machinery Through Which Government Implements its Policies, which are Designed to Meet Political Aims and Provide Social Services. This However, Does not Preclude the Legislative and the Judicial Arms of government. The Head of Service is the Most Senior Civil Servant in the State and Provides leadership Direction to the line Officers in the State Service
Alh. Abubakar Inuwa Kari
Alh. Abubakar Inuwa KariCOS
The office of the Chief of Staff – Chief Political Adviser to the Governor. He handles matters to do with all the Political Parties in the State, ensures that all Political parties are treated fairly and that they maintain harmonious relationship with the State Government. He receives informal complaints and suggestions bordering on Political activities, routes them through formal channels.
Usman Mamman Kamara
Usman Mamman KamaraPPS
The Permanent Secretary/Principal Private Secretary Heads the Principal Staff of His Excellency the Governor Caps owing to the Direct Responsibility of his Office in the Management of His Excellency the Executive Governor’s Office. He Serves as the Chief Accounting Officer and is Responsible for Organizing the Governor’s Public Functions, Administrative Schedules and the Daily Operations of Office.