The conception of this facility is borne out of the urgent need to reduce the frequent bloody road mishaps which has claimed many lives in the heart of the town through accidents involving heavy duty vehicles such as trailers and petroleum tankers. It was also conceived to decongest the town from reckless parking of these long heavy vehicles.

The tankers bay consist of a restaurant for rental, two side shops for rental, fire service station and gate house, administrative block, Mosque and a urinary section, public convenience, mechanical workshop for rental, tankers washing bay and a lot of extensive work done on the external parts the bay.

Very important too is that the bay, for security and revenue source, has ticking machine at the entrance that captures all the vehicles that comes in and out and how long the vehicle stays in the park. With Gombe strategically located in the North-East, it is a rewarding project for the state as vehicles going to Yobe, Borno, and especially Adamawa and Taraba states must come through Gombe from the North-Central states and Abuja.