Project/ActivityCommencement DateCompletion Date
Desilting of primary and unlined canal, control flow devices, reserviour at Balanga Dam Bridge and Irrigation Scheme (Phase I)March 2012April 2012
Small Hydropower Development at Balanga Dam (Civil Component)Feb 2012June 2012
Clearing of Elephant grass and shrub in canals & embankments (127km), at Balanga Irrigation Scheme Intervention from lake Chad Research Institute MaiduguriDec. 2013Dec. 2013
Small Earth Dam at Boh, Shongom LGAJan. 2014Feb. 2014
Collaboration with the United Nation Industrial Development/Energy Commission Nig. (UNIDO/ECN) FOR Intervention/Support for the free supply of the Balanga Dam Electro - Mechanical ComponentNov. 2016Discussion and MOU Signing Suspended
Rehabilitation of critical of Irrigation StructuresJan. 2018March 2018
Special Intervention work from Accelerated Agricultural Development Scheme/Central Bank of Nigeria (AADS/CBN) Government House Gombe State for Balanga Irrigation Project Critical maintenance of Irrigation InfrastructuresFeb. 2018March 2018
Fish Fingerling Hatchery Complex (Ph-I)Jully 20112011
Fish Feed Mill Machinery & Equipment AcquisitionSeptember 20112011
Constructed Fish Feed Mill HouseNovember 20152015
Connected Fish Feed Mill House to the Nation GridJanuary 20162016
Construction of 3 hand pump fitted borehole at NYSC CAMPAug. 2011Aug. 2011
Repairs of dysfunctional Hand pumpsJuly 2012Nov. 2012
Repairs of two 2 Drilling FleetsJuly 2012Sept. 2012
Construction of 45 hand pump boreholesJan. 2013March 2013
Construction of Solar Powered BoreholesFeb. 2013March 2013
Construction of Three VIP latrine in GGSSS Kuri, Tula and MalalaJan. 2013April 2013
Rehabilitation of Unprofitable hand pumpJan 2016Feb. 2016
Rehabilitation of Gombe pipelines and extension to kwami, Gadam and BodujeApril 2013Dec. 2013
Operation and maintenance of Gombe Regional Water Scheme for 2013Jan 2013Dec. 2013
Improvement of Tula Water Supply SchemeNov. 2012Dec. 2013
Procurement of Water purificationJuly 2012May 2013
Feasibility Studies and Design of Gombe South Regional Water supply SchemeJuly 2012February 2012
Gombe Airport Water Supply project
Construction of Gombe South Regional Water Scheme
Improvement of Deba water reticulation system
Improvement of Pindiga, Kashere and Tumu water supply scheme
Improvement of Gona water Supply Scheme
Supervision of water Rehabilitation and Reticulation and Extension