S/NProject NameDate of AwardContractor
1Renmovation of Shehu Abubakar Guest House Type AAugust, 2011M.C Dogon Ruwa Enterprises
2Ditto Type BAugust 2011H.G.I Ventures Ltd
3Reconstruction of Presidential annex A & B at presidential lodge Gombe30th Nov. 2011Lubell Nig. Ltd.
4Renovation/Reconstruction of 2 No, Burnt Blocks at Army Barracks GombeNov. 2011Amchasshads Global Concept Ltd
5Renovation of Fence Wall and Gate at Shehu Abubakar Guest Houses, GombeSeptember 2011Cooler M. Enterprises
6Construction of four (4) Bedrooms Guest House & Bq Renovation at FUK27th October, 2011Almuzaks Global Ventures Ltd.
7Renovation/Reconstruction and Furnishing of Deputy Governors, Residence Gombe29th December, 2011Mc. Mohammed & Co
8Construction of new SSG's Office complex, Government House Gombe31st March, 2012BKI Building Nig. Ltd
9Renovation of VIO office, Gombe/Bauchi Road1st June, 2012Dankuri Nig. Ltd
10Construction of petroleum Tanker Parking Bay Lot 1(External Works), Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Amsyco Nig. Ltd
11Ditto Lot 2 A (Restaurants), Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012MIA Construction Ventures Ltd
12Ditto Lot 2B two sided shops, Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Gona General Merchants Nig. Ltd
13Ditto Lot 2C fire service station and gate House, Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Deen-city Global Construction Nig. Ltd.
14Ditto Lot 3A Administrative Block, Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Universal Touch Nig. Ltd
15Construction of Petroleum Tanker Parking Bay Lot 3B Mosque/Urinals, Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Usman Garko Nig. Ltd
16Ditto Lot 4A Commercial shades and one sided shops, Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Tasuma Nig. Ltd.
17Ditto Lot 4B Public Convinience, Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Deen-City Global Construction Nig. Ltd
18Ditto Lot 4c Mechanical workshop, Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Arch First Nig. Ltd.
19Ditto Lot 4D washing Bay, Gombe/Bauchi Road19th July, 2012Alh. Lawan Yunusa Nig. Ltd.
20Construction of International Conference Centre, Gombe/Bauchi Road6th November, 2012Vidro Nig. Ltd
21Construction of Wall Fence, Guard House, store, Gen. House and parking shade, Public Complain Commission Gombe16th November, 2012Amchasshads Global concept Ltd
22Construction of 2Blocks of 3 Offices, MOH & T20th December, 2012Maishawel Nig. Ltd.
23Construction of 12 Block Room & Pallor at Police Transit Camp, Bypass20th September, 2012Walida Mustapha Investment Services
24Ditto Block of 30 Unit Single room at Police Transit Camp, Bypass20th September, 2012Splash Tech. Nig. Ltd
25Construction of 12 Counterpartments of Toilet/Bathroom, Bye-pass20th September, 2012Khaleeb Services Ltd
26Construction of 12 Units of Room & Parlor20th September, 2012Nafarwo Nig. Ltd
27Construction of Block of 7 Units one Bedroom Army Barracks 17th July, 2012Grid Construction and Investment Ltd
28Construction of Rank file Mess & Hall, Army Barracks Gombe17th July, 2012Amchashads Global Concept Ltd
29Renovation of 9 Block of 10 Rooms Army Barracks Gombe17th July, 2012Mosaq Motors Nig. Ltd.
30Construction of 19 units kitchen army barracks Gombe17th July, 2012Annuri Links Nig. Ltd
31Renovation of Block of 12 Units Rank & file Toilets, Army Barracks, Gombe17th July, 2012Naseem Corporate Service
32Renovation of One (1) Blocks of Four (4) Rooms, Army Barracks, Gombe17th July, 2012Naseem Corporate Services
33Renovation of L-Shape Block of Four (4) Rooms, Army Barracks Gombe17th July, 2012Naseem Corporate Services
34Renovation of Army Officers Mess, New GRA Gombe9th, October, 2012Nine Star Global Link Ltd.
35Renovation of Police Officers Mess, New GRA Gombe17th July, 2012Manya Global Ventures
36Construction of Police Conference Hall at Police Officers Mess, New GRA Gombe17th July, 2012Gamus Rahma Global Enterp.
37Construction of Treasury House Gombe29th October, 2012Roan Construction Nig. Ltd
38Procurement and Installation of EXPLO Fire Protection Device to Gombe State Transport Services2nd November, 2012BEEDEE Continental Services Ltd
39Supply of Office Furniture and Equipment to VIO Office Bauchi/Gombe Road12th July, 2013Endasaq Intergrated Tech. Ltd
40Supply Recovery/Towing Van Man Diesel 26372 VIO office Gombe2013El-Rahaman Invest. Ltd Jos
41Supply and Servicing of Office/House Hold Essential Equipents in Government Buildings2013Sajams Global Resources Ltd
42Furnishing of SSG's Annex Office Complex, Government House GombeOctober, 2013Sanat Intergrated Service Ltd.
43Renovation at Tudun Hatsi, Gombe22nd July 2014Gidim Global Resources Nig. Ltd
44Renovation/Upgrading of Presidential Lodge & Government Lodge (Tinka) VIP Lodge8th January, 2014Lubel Nig. Ltd
45Renovation of Deputy Governor's Residence, Gombe13th June, 2014Mai - Yaki Gen. Nig. Ltd
46Renovation of Deputy Governor's Residence Gombe7th August, 2015IBPAT Investment Nig. Ltd
47Furnishing of Treasury House Gombe26th February, 2015Roan Construction Nig Ltd.
48Construction of Burnt Down Presidential Lodge Gombe12th July, 2016Keat Palm Ltd
49Ultra Modern Mega Motor Park, Dukku Road29th October, 2012A.G Ferrero
50Construction of Additional Blocks at Shehu Abubakar Guest House Gombe4th June, 2012S.A.Y Global Ltd
51Renovation/Extension supply of Equipment & Furniture for Communication Center, Government House Gombe22nd March, 2012Ibzaks Nig. Ltd
52Construction Works at Police Mobile Barracks Kwami5th April, 2013Nafarwo Nig. Ltd
53Construction of Residential Apartment, Mai Kaltungo Palace25th July, 2013Rissal Global Engrin. Concept Ltd
54Mai-Tula (additional works) Wange15th January, 2015Yagkong Venture Global Associates
55Modification, Renovation and Furnishing His Excellency, Deputy Governor's Office Gombe10th December, 2015IBPAT Investment Nig Ltd.
56Construction of NTA Admin Block Block28th August, 2017S. Kamo Associates Nig. Ltd
57Construction of Block of six (6) offices Local Government Pension Board7th November, 2017Dankawu Universal Service Nig. Ltd
58Remodelling & Redevelopment of His Excellency's official resident Gombe14th June, 2017Roan ConstructionLtd
59Supply of Furniture/Equipment at National Population office23rd October 2013Mai-shewal Nig Ltd
60Renovation Works at Immigration office28th May, 2014Yakong Ventures