Activity/ProjectYearRemark/Suggestion From MDA'S
Vaccination from 2011 to 2018
ARDV = 8,447
CBPP = 1, 530,796
PPR = 1,433,451
2011 to 2018Preventing CBPP & PPR In Cattle Sheep & Goats Control Of Major Animal Diseases State Wide
Disease Treatment in various clinics
Cattle = 518, 604
Sheep & Goats = 1,105,000
2011 to Feruary 2018Provide animal health services state wide
Construction of Veterinary Hostipal Gombe2013Provision of veterinary infrastructure Gombe North
Construction of veterinary clinic, Deba2013Provision of veterinary infrustructure Gombe Central
Construction of Veterinary Clinic at Both Kaltungo, Kumo, Talasse, M/Sidi, & Nafada2014Provision of Veterinary Infrustructure In Gombe North, Centra, and South. Work Has stopeed due to non release of funds, veterinary clinic kumo completed
Retracing and monumentation of stock routes2012To reduce conflict between farmers/Herdsmen state wide
Provision of genuine drugs at affordable price to farmers2012Ongoing State Wide
Control of out breaks through depopulation and biosecurity measures2012 to 2015Mainly Survelliance to control Possible out break
Renovation and Restocking of Poultry Unit2012 to 2018Unit is operational producing day old chicks, eggs, and table birds
Training and Empowerment of 200 women in poultry production2013Women Trained and Empowered state wide
Drilling of Borehole and Desilting of Earth Dams in Wawa/Zange grazing Reserve2014 to 2017Provision Livestock water and desilting of earth dams in wawa/zange grazing reserve
Construction of Fencing Wall and drainage to control errosion in AVO Gombe2017Erection of Fencing wall and drainage control erosion in AVO Gombe