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Network 11-100 Roads Project

Leaving no community and area behind

Road transport plays an important role in the socioeconomic development of the country. Over the years, provision of road infrastructure within the state was characterised by urban bias, rural neglect and lack of fairness. Consequently, many communities that contribute significantly to the growth of the local economy were impaired by lack of access roads and public transportation services. To address the challenges posed by lack of equity and equality and bring about fairness in the distribution of public goods, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya introduced the project

tagged Network 11-100. The project seeks to ensure that remotest areas within the entire state, as well as areas and communities that suffered neglect in the past become easily accessible through an extensive road network.

The project aims to provide at least one hundred kilometres of roads in each of the eleven local government areas of the State, within the four years of the Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya’s administration. The tables below provide details of the road projects executed by the administration under the Network 11-100 initiative.

Road contracts awarded by the Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya Administration

1Construction of Malala-Zaune-Dukkuyel RoadDukkuCompleted16km1
2Construction of Mararraba Jabba Sambo Daji-Pandi Kola-Gwarar-Garin Wada RoadMararraba Jabba, Sambo Daji, Pandi Kola, Gwarar and Garin WadaAkkoCompleted15km1
3Construction of Degri- Bembelem-Reme-Dong-Talasse RoadDegri, Bembelem,
Reme, Dong andTalasse
4 Upgrading of Gona-Garko-Gujuba-Kalshingi Road with spur to MaiduguGona, Garko, Gujuba, Kalshingi and MaiduguAkkoCompleted18.8km1
5Upgrading of Billiri-Gujuba-Kamo-Awak RoadBilliri, Gujuba, Kamo, Awak and ShingeBilliriCompleted35.5km1
6Emergency Repairs of road Washout along Akko-Abuja-Bula-Kwai RoadAkko, Abuja Bula and KwamiAkko & KwamiCompleted1
7Construction of Kwanan Rugaji-Kaceciya-Jagabari-Petila-Kuka Bakwai-Almakashi with spur to Gargaldu RoadKwanan Rugaji, Kaceciya, Jagabari, Petila, Kuka Bakwai, Almakashi and GargalduFunakayeOngoing17km0.45
8Construction of 3 Span Bridge at Lambo Dashi on Dukku-Wawa-Biri-Wuro Bapparu Road as Phase I Lambo Dashi, Dukku, Waw, Biri and Wuro BapparuDukku, Nafada, FunakayeCompleted1
9Upgrading of Malam lnna--Kurba-Titi Road with spur to KundulumMalam Inna, Kurba, Titi and KundulumGombe, Y/Deba and KwamiCompleted11.5km1
10Construction of Bambam-Tula-Yiri Augmentation BEMEBarnbarn and Tula - YiriKaltungoOn going15km0.95
11Construction of Bambam –Nwona Kutare-Yola Road Augmentation BEMEBambam, Mwona and KutareBalangaCompleted9.1km1
12Construction of roads network in Jekadafari North Additional workGombe Metropolitan and Jekadafari CommunityGombeCompleted13km1
13Construction of Kuri-Nasarawa Lambam-Gelambam Dasa Junction on Talasse RoadKuri, NasarawaY/DebaOn going26.5kmMobilization Stage
Lambam,Gelambam, Dasa
14Construction of road taking off at a Junctionon Pindiga Road-Papa Luggerewol-Bappah Ibrahima KumoPapa, Luggerewol, Bappah lbrahima and KumoAkkoOn going17.2kmMobilization Stage
15Construction of Road Taking Off at a Junction on Gombe/Dukku Road-Tappi-Kalajanga-Bamala-Alagarno-Dinawa-Dundehe-Damba Barde-Abuja/Bula-Girgam-Shongo Sarkin Yaki--Gombe Western Byepass RoadTappi, Kalajanga, Bamala, Alagamo, Dinawa, Dundehe, Damba Barde, Abuja/Bula, Girgam, Shongo Sarkin YakiKwamiOn going39kmMobilization Stage
16Construction of Filiya-Gwandum-Keffi-Yaburo Gurwa-Shakram-Dwaja-Gundali RoadFiliya, Gwandum, Keffi, Yaburo, Gurwa, Shakram, Dwaja and GundaliShongomOn going14kmMobilization Stage
17Construction of Nafada Link RoadNafada CommunityNafadaOn going7.3kmMobilization Stage
18Construction of Bojude-Dirri RoadBojude,Dirri and some neighbouring communitiesKwamiOn going9.3kmMobilization Stage
19Provision and Installation of all-in-one Solar Powered Streetlight- (Lot I)Gombe MetropolisGombe, Akko L.G.AOn going0.98
20Provision and installation of All-In- one Solar Powered Streetlight - (Lot11)Gombe MetropolisGombe, Akko and Y/Deba LG.AOn going0.76