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Nafada local government area is domiciled in Gombe state, North-east geopolitical zone of Nigeria and has its headquarters in the town of Nafada. A number of towns and villages make up Nafada LGA and these include Nafada, Biri Fulani, Kuruga, Barwo, Jigawa, and Biri Bolawa. Nafada LGA is part of the Gombe Emirate and the estimated population of Nafada LGA is put at 247,899 inhabitants with the area mostly populated by the members of the Fulani tribe. The Hausa and Fufulde languages are commonly spoken in the LGA while the religion of Islam is widely practiced in the area.


Nafada local government area covers a total area of 1,586 square kilometres and has an average temperature of 33 degrees centigrade. The Gongola  River flows throught the LGA and the area has an average humidity level of 20 percent.


Nafada LGA has a viable trade sector and hosts a number of markets such as the Donfa market where wide variety of commodities are bought and sold. A number of mineral resources are also found in Nafada LGA and these include Gypsum and Limestone. Other important economic activities in Nafada LGA include farming, pottery, craftsmanship, and the rearing and sales of domestic animals.


There are 10 wards in Nafada Local Government Area.
  • Barwo / Nasarawo
  • Barwo Winde
  • Birin Bolewa
  • Birin Fulani East
  • Birin Fulani West
  • Gudukku
  • Jigawa
  • Nafada Central
  • Nafada East
  • Nafada West


There are 108 polling units in Nafada Local Government Area.
  • Abba Isari, Kofar Mai Isari
  • Ardo Abba, Kofar Dafa Shama
  • Ardo Hari, Kofar Alh. Tsoho
  • Ardo Siddi, Kofar J. Sidi
  • Barwo S/ Gari, Kofar Majidadai
  • Barwo S/ Gari, Kofar Sarki
  • Buraru, Kofar J. Buraru
  • Daba, Kofar J. Jungudo
  • Daba, Kofar M. Gidado
  • Dadinkowa, Kofar Jauro Jeiyo
  • Dallati, Central Pri. Sch.
  • Dallati, Viewing Centre
  • Dange, Kofar J. Abba
  • Dange, Kofar J. Dura
  • Dawaki, Kofar J. Dawaki
  • Dendele, Kofar Sarki
  • Denlele, Kofar Denlele
  • Feshingo, Kofar Sarki
  • Gadari Chesderi, Kofar J. Gadari
  • Gadi, Kofar J. Gadi
  • Gadum, Kofar J. Saidu
  • Gani Yana, Kofar Sarki
  • Garin Zangi, Kofar J. Mai Dabara
  • Gashinge, Kofar J. Adamu
  • Gudukku Yamma, Kofar Gudukku Yamma
  • Gulmari, Kofar Sarki
  • Gurajawa, Kofar Mal. Abdu
  • Guriya, Kofar M. Gidado
  • Jangama, Kofar J. Angama
  • Jauro Alh., Kofar J. Alh.
  • Jolle, Kofar Usman Jolle
  • Jolle, Kofar Madaki
  • Kaki Yawa, Kofar Sarki
  • Kanji, Kofar Galadima
  • Kiyayo, Kofar Sarki
  • Kuka, Kofar J. Musa
  • Kukawari, Kofar Sarki
  • Kunkururi, Kofar J. Gimba
  • Lafiyawo, Kofar Jauro Shehu
  • Lange, Kofar J. Lange
  • Lariski, Kofar J. Idrisa
  • Lumbo Dashi, Kofar J. Lumbo / Dashi
  • Lumputi, Kofar Jauro Mamuda
  • Mada, Kofar J. Barde
  • Mada, Kofar Sarki
  • Mada, Mande Pri. Sch.
  • Madaki Lamu / Wagule, Kofar J. Ahmadu
  • Madakiri, Kofar J. Garga
  • Mai Dukuli, Kofar Sarki
  • Makidibu, Kofar Makidibu
  • Makidibu, Kofar Musa Dada
  • Maruwa, Kofar J. Abduwa
  • Munda, Kofar J. Munda
  • Njalkam, Kofar J./idrisa
  • Papa, K/j/ Papa
  • Papa, Kofar Jauro Musa
  • Sabon Sara, Sabon Sara
  • Shaganawa I, Kofar J. Usman
  • Shaganawa Ii, Kofar J. Usman
  • Shole Goi-goi, Kofar J. Manu
  • Shole Jada, Kofar J. Alh. Ali
  • Shole Mango, Primary School
  • Sodingo, Primary School
  • Sorodo, Kofarn J. Gani
  • Suko, Kofar J. Yahai
  • Takai, Kofar J. Boka
  • Tashan Kargo, Kofar J. Ali
  • Ubandoma, Central Pri. Sch.
  • Ung. Barde, Primary School
  • Ung. Bauchi, Kofar Abba Jani
  • Ung. Bauchi, Kofar Bauchi
  • Ung. Chiroma, Kofar Sarki
  • Ung. Dawaki, Kofar Chiroma
  • Ung. Galadima, Kofar Galadima
  • Ung. Galadima, Kofar Galadima
  • Ung. Galadima, Kofar Galadima
  • Ung. Galadima, Kofar Ubandoma
  • Ung. Maagaji Ii, Danda Bola
  • Ung. Maagaji I, Danda Bola
  • Ung. Madaki / Primary School
  • Ung. Madaki, Disrrict Head Office
  • Ung. Madaki, Kofar Madaki
  • Ung. Madaki, Kofar Madaki
  • Ung. Madaki, Kofar Madaki
  • Ung. Madaki, Pri. School
  • Ung. Madaki, Veterinary Office
  • Ung. Ubandoma, Kofar Sarki
  • Ung. Ubandoma, Kofar Ubandoma
  • Ung. Ubandoma, Kofar Ubandoma
  • Ung. Yerima, Kofar S. Fawa
  • Ung. Yerima, Kofar Sarki
  • Ung. Yerima, Kofar Sarki
  • Wakkaltu, Kofar Sarki
  • Wali, Kofar J. Abdulkadir
  • Walowal, Kofar J. Ahmadu
  • Wuro Abba, Kofar Alh. Manu
  • Wuro Bege, Kofar J. Moh’d
  • Wuro Boggga, K/j/ Wuro Bogga
  • Wuro Bundu, Kofar J. Ashau
  • Wuro Jabbi, Kofar Jauro
  • Wuro Jabbi, Kofar Sarki
  • Wuro Juli, Kofar J. Musa
  • Wuro, Kofar J/ Maji
  • Yabulas. Kofar Jauro Ali
  • Yelwa, Kofar J. Usman
  • Zadawa, Kofar Jauro Ahmadu
  • Zadawa, Kofar Sarki
  • Zange Sule, Kofar J. Ali