Kwami Local Government

Kwami local government area is domiciled in Gombe state, North-east Nigeria and has its headquarters in the town of Mallam Sidi. The area is made up of several towns and villages such a Habiya, Roddo, Dukku, Maiko, Tita, Maleri, Kolori, and Jurara. The estimated population of Kwami LGA is put at 195, 812 inhabitants with the vast majority of the area’s populace made up of members of the Kwami tribe. The Kwami language is widely spoken in the area while the religions of Islam and Christianity are commonly practiced in the LGA. Notable landmarks in Kwami LGA include the NYSC permanent Orientation Camp.

Geography of Kwami

Kwami LGA sits on a total area of 1,787 square kilometres and lies on the banks of Lake Dadinkowa. The area witnesses two major seasons which are the dry and the rainy seasons. The average temperature in Kwami LGA is put at 32 degrees centigrade.

Economy of Kwami

A number of economic activities are engaged in by dwellers of the Kwami LGA and these include farming and trade. The area is known for the cultivation of a number of crops such as beans and millet while the LGA also hosts several markets where an inexhaustible number of commodities are bought and sold. A number of domestic animals are also reared and sold in Kwami LGA.

List of Wards in Kwami Local Government Area

There are 10 wards in Kwami Local Government Area.
  • Bojude
  • Daban Fulani
  • Doho
  • Dukul
  • Gadam
  • Jurara
  • Komfulata
  • Kwami
  • Malam Sidi
  • Malleri


List of Polling units in Kwami Local Government Area

There are 206 polling units in Kwami Local Government Area.