Kaltungo Local Government

Kaltungo local government area is in Gombe state, North-east geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The headquarters of the LGA are in the town of Kaltungo with the area made up of several towns and villages which include Munda, Gassol, Bajoga, Ashaka, Bage, Yayari, Damawako, Abuku, and Lambo Dashi. The population of the area is estimated at 194,512 inhabitants with the LGA populated by members of different ethnic affiliations such as the Hausa, Tangale, kanuri and Fulani. The Hausa language is commonly spoken in the area while the religions of Islam and Christianity are widely practiced in the LGA. Kaltungo LGA is home to the Kaltungo Emirate with the area having a number of Chiefdoms such as the Tula chiefdom under it. Notable landmarks in Kaltungo LGA include the General Hospital Kaltungo.

Geography of Kaltungo

Kaltungo LGA occupies a total area of 881 square kilometres with the area experiencing two major seasons which are the dry and the rainy seasons. The total precipitation in Kaltungo LGA is estimated at 1000 mm of rainfall per annum. The average wind speed in Kaltungo LGA is 10 km/h.

Economy of Kaltungo

A number of animals are reared and sold in Kaltungo LGA and these include camels, cows, and rams. Farming is also an important feature of the economy of Kaltungo LGA with a number of crops such as sorghum, millet, beans, and rice grown in the area. Other important economic activities in Kaltungo LGA include trade, hunting, and crafts making.

Wards In Kaltungo

  • Awak
  • Bule / Kaltin
  • Kaltungo East
  • Kaltungo West
  • Kamo
  • Tula – Yiri
  • Tula Baule
  • Tula Wange
  • Tungo
  • Ture

List of Polling units in Kaltungo Local Government Area

There are 193 polling units in Kaltungo Local Government Area.