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The Civil Service is the machinery through which the government implements its policies, designed to meet political aims and provide social services. This however, does not preclude the legislative and the judicial arms of government in the attainment of the objectives of the Civil Service. The head of service is the most senior civil servant in the state and provides leadership direction to the line officers in the state service, his duties includes though not limited to:

Providing leadership and direction to the Civil Service by maintaining high morale, esprit-de-corps and good image of the Service.

Fostering professionalism among Civil Servants. .

Advising the State Chief Executive on the appointment, posting, deployment of Permanent Secretaries.

Posting of Civil Servants of all cadres (Admin., Professionals. Sub- Professionals and centrally-deployed cadre).

Promoting good relations between Commissioners and other political office holders on the one hand and Permanent Secretaries and other civil servants on the other hand.

Service welfare matters

Allocation of Office and residential accommodation to civil servants.

Providing staff and office accommodation for newly established and ad-hoc bodies.

Liaison with Head of the Civil Service of the Federation and States’ Heads of the Civil Services.