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“Mindful of the devastating effects of global climate change and environmental degradation 

in our state, we introduced an ambitious environmental res toration programme tagged

 Gombe Goes Green. The initiative has so far planted nearly three million trees through the

establishment of woodlots, shelterbelt, roadside and school plantations as well as social

forestry. Through our partnership with NEWMAP project, we have completed the

 construction of 7.5km Gombe State University—Mallam Inna—Unguwa Uku massive gullies

and we are working hard to control others. Also, and very importantly, we are not left behind

 in the current global efforts to embrace renewable energy sources as we have gone far in the

installation of beautiful and cost effect all-in-one solar powered streetlights all over the

Gombe metropolis.’’ – Governor Muhammdu Inuwa Yahaya (1st October, 2021)

The first genuine effort to make environmental sustainability an integral element of public policy

Climate Action  and Ecosystem Restoration

Concerned with the challenge of global climate change and rapid environmental degradation the State, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa launched the Gombe Goes Green (3G) project on the 28th of August 2019. The programme aims to address the pressing ecological problems facing the state.

The Gombe Goes Green (3G) in a Nutshell
  • Aggressive afforestation and reforestation
  •  Plant at least 4 million trees in 4 years.
Key objectives:
  • Combat land degradation (desertification,

    erosion, loss of soil nutrients etc.) and   rehabilitate degraded lands.

  • Mitigate negative effects of climate change on our communities
  • Restore biodiversity by growing indigenous tree species that are facing extinction and providing critical habitat for wildlife regeneration
  • Promote sustainable development, improve livelihoods and enhance

           economic stability especially in rural areas.

  •  Add beauty to public places, reduce air pollution levels in our major cities and modify local climate in the State capital and other major town.


  •  Planted almost 3,000,000 trees across the state.
  •  Engaged 27,000 YESSO beneficiaries directly where we charged them with the responsibility of watering and nurturing the trees we planted.
  •  Engaging 500 youths through Go-Stec.
  •  Established woodlots, shelterbelts, orchards and plant nurseries.
  •  Carried out roadside planning, urban planning and social forestry in 11 LGAs.
  • Raised public awareness of climate change and environmental issues affecting the state and country.

Woodlots and Orchards Established through the NEWMAP Project

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1Establishment of Roadside PlantationGombeGombeComplete
2Establishment of Roadside PlantationNafadaNafadaComplete
3Establishment of Roadside PlantationDukkuDukkuComplete
4Establishment of Roadside PlantationDebaYamaltu DebaComplete
5Establishment of Roadside PlantationKwamiKwamiComplete
6Establishment of Roadside PlantationBajogaFunakayeComplete
7Establishment of Roadside PlantationKaltungoKaltungoComplete
8Establishment of Roadside PlantationRemeBalangaComplete
9Establishment of Roadside PlantationLondongorBilliriComplete
10Establishment of Roadside PlantationLebekkeShongomComplete
11Establishment of Shelter-Belt PlantationAkkoKashereComplete
12Establishment of Shelter-Belt PlantationRemeBalangaComplete
13Establishment of Shelter-Belt PlantationDokoro RoadDukkuComplete
14Establishment of Shelter-Belt PlantationKwamiKwamiComplete
15Establishment of Shelter-Belt PlantationNafadaNafadaComplete
16Establishment of Shelter-Belt PlantationAshaka-GariFunakayeComplete
17Establishment of Shelter-Belt PlantationDebaYamaltu DebaComplete

Tree Planting Activities: Roadside planting and shelterbelts