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Alh. Abdulkadir Abubakar Galadima III

The Dadiya people are found in Balanga Local Government Area in Gombe state, Northern Eastern of Karim Lamido Local Government of Taraba State and North Western part of Lamurde Local Government in Adamawa state. It is bounded to the North by Tula chiefdom and in the East by Cham chiefdom west Kaltungo chiefdom all in Gombe state. Dadiya land by occupies an area of 850sq kilometres. This indicates a division into Northern and Southern parts. The Northern part and now the Dadiya chiefdom (Folodom), one of the three chiefdoms in Balanga Local Government area of Gombe state, which the southern part is also divided between Adamawa and Taraba state respectively.

Bambam town with its heterogeneous population is the capital of Dadiya chiefdom ( Folo Dom), Bambam is on Gombe Yola road about one hundred and ten kilometres from Gombe (110 kms) and one hundred and thirty two kilometres (132kms) to Yola in Adamawa state.

Historically, the Dadiya are belief to have migrated from Yemen through Borno state via Shelleng in Adamawa state to settle on Lluwa peak, now Dogon Dutse from there some of the moved south ward to present Dadiya hills, while the others proceeded to Lokowa (Bollere) Adamawa state, while other groups moved to Lofa and Lobendung south ward to settle at Lokuwa and Lofa hills in Adamawa and Taraba states.


The Dadiya people come in contact with the colonial masters in 1905, the British colonial conquest and subjugation of Dadiya by T.F Carlyle in 1905 led to the collapsed of the hither to Dadiya kingdom which was rule by priests-kings and the emergence of a chiefdom ruled by colonial appointees. This development also separated the Dadiya (Lodiya) now Dadiya chiefdom in Balanga Local Government area Gombe state and Dadiya lofa and Lobendung in Karim Lamido Local Government in Taraba state, and lokumo Bollere in Lamurde Local Government Area in Adamawa state for administrative pursoses by the colonial masters.

  The Dadiya chief (Folo dom) and their direction of ruling

  1. Folo Dangle Mambwi -1905-1912 (7years)
  2. Folo Tamwi, Tantim 1912-1927 (15years)
  3. Folo Chinu Woljanga 1927-1934(7years)
  4. Folo Mallam Bawa Tamwi 1934-1958(24years)
  5. Folo Alh.Abubakar Galadima 1989-1988(30years)
  6. Folo Alh. Adamu A. Abubakar 1989- to date.

Today Dadiya chiefdom has four District and Twelve village Area:

  1. The districts are:
  2. Kulasuwa
  3. Kulakuli
  4. Maitunku
  5. Bambam

B. The village Areas are:

  1. Lokwila
  2. Kafinbawa
  3. Yelwa
  4. Lobware
  5. Lofiyo
  6. Sabara
  7. Nuta
  8. Lobati
  9. Yembware
  10. Bambam
  11. Kashere
  12. Yulu
  13. There are over three hundred hamlets (300)

    Apart from Dadiya tribe, other tribe living in Dadiya chiefdom are:

  1. Hausa
  2. Waja
  3. Tula
  4. Fulani
  5. Kaltungo
  6. Tangale
  7. Mon/cham
  8. Lunguda
  9. Bachama
  10. Janjo
  11. Ibo
  12. Yoruba
  13. Kanuri
  14. Bangunji
  15. Pero
  16. Kushi
  17. Sobok(fire) etc


The Dadiya people celebrate many festival (DIKULOM) These festivals features traditional dances- such as kwali, Yilin, yaltam sam yedul, betabja ,mammi, kangwal, kal (festivals celebrate every five years for initiation of youth into adult hood, manm and wabi are meant for religious worship.