The easiest way of attracting investors, both local and international, is the potentials inherent in a given area and to a very great extent, some potentials are largely hidden if not tapped and translated for the benefit of the people. Gombe State gladly falls within this category of a hugely blessed area with abundant human and natural resources, potentials that are yet to be fully tapped or utilized.

This could probably be the reason why Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo focused attention on the development of social infrastructure which include the Gombe International Conference Centre, petroleum or Trailer’s Parking Bay, and the Ultra Modern Mega motor park.

The Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo administration felt it necessary to construct a world class standard international conference centre due to the fact that Gombe is strategically located in the centre of the North-East sub-region. The concept is designed to serve as an economic (revenue generation) facility. It is expected to create more employment opportunities and create numerous commercial activities within the state. Facilities inside the international conference center include rental exhibition cubicle, bar rental area with seating capacity of 144 seats, cake kiosk, all in the ground floor of the eastern wing. It also has a meeting room with 310 seating capacity, and another meeting room with 20 seats capacity, a boardroom with 25 seating capacity, and another meeting room with 120 seating capacity in the first floor of the eastern wing. In the ground floor of the western wing, the conference centre comprise of a multi-purpose hall with 1,500 seating capacity, one business centre, two rental shops, one rental exhibition area, one rental ATM cash machine, one rental and kitchen service area among others.

The first floor of the conference centre consist of two rental cafeteria lounge, one rental ATM machine, one restaurant/banquet with 150 seating capacity, one seminar hall with 150 seating capacity and another seminar hall with 100 seating capacity. The second floor also has a seminar hall with 100 seating capacity, another seminar hall with 150 seating capacity, and another hall with 120 seating capacity making the conference centre large enough to accommodate any kind of local, national or international gathering. This is aside from the external features that have many state of the art facilities and enough space for people and their cars.